I am an NCT and Active Birth trained teacher offering antenatal and postnatal classes for people interested in an open-minded, holistic and energising approach to birth and beyond. With gentle active birth yoga and supportive, knowledgeable advice, based on 30 years’ experience, there is a focus on positive birth and early parenting on your own terms without guilt. My package is a comprehensive alternative to NCT classes and weekend workshops, the groups allow parents the space and time to build confidence, practical skills and relationships in a relaxed, baby focused local environment.

Antenatal Classes

My Birth Classes

My classes come in a package integrating active birth yoga, couples birth and parenting and postnatal classes.

Classes start from about 24 weeks in pregnancy and continue weekly until your baby’s birth and afterwards for mothers and babies.

Do get in touch with any questions about how my birth classes differ from any other kinds of classes preparing people to become parents.