Antenatal Package for Pregnancy Birth & Beyond joins up active birth yoga with couples birth and parenting antenatal preparation and mother and baby post-natal classes. This holistic approach takes you through the entire journey, preparing your body and mind for the adventure of birth and baby. Classes start from around 24 weeks in pregnancy, continue weekly until your baby’s birth and then beyond.

Pregnancy yoga for an active birth

Mondays from 6.15-8pm

  • Suitable for all, however fit or supple
  • Build strength and flexibility for whatever birth you hope to have
  • Feel good about your body, ease pregnancy symptoms and gain confidence with breathing
  • Anticipate birth and motherhood with others in your neighbourhood
  • Relax and take time away from busy work and life schedules

These classes are designed for all, however fit or supple and for every type of birth.
The yoga helps pregnant women gain confidence in their bodies, easing discomforts, letting go of tensions and tuning into babies. Through regular practice women learn to breathe into the yoga postures, which is relaxing as well as preparing for effective breathing during labour. Pregnant women get to know each other well in this context and at any one time there are women due before and after each other. Women can share experiences, exchange coping strategies and develop ideas for choices around birth and motherhood.

“I’m not flexible and the yoga was difficult for me, but it was fun really and made me feel less of an inactive lump.
When it came to the birth it all made more sense because the deep breathing I had practiced so many times got me through.”


Couples course for birth and parenting

Wednesdays 7.45-10pm, for 8 weeks

  • Getting the birth you want
  • Practicing birth positions
  • Methods of pain relief
  • Emotional and physical support
  • Breastfeeding
  • Becoming a parent

This structured course helps couples to prepare together for their birth and becoming parents. It covers what to expect, how to make decisions and to work out and get the kind of birth and experiences you want. Partners are helped to become both involved and supportive. Options around medical methods of pain relief and interventions are discussed. There is an emphasis on hands-on practice of breathing, relaxation and active birth positions. Practical help and information about breastfeeding and early parenting ensures that couples think beyond birth to greeting their babies and life as parents. At a reunion afterwards everyone celebrates the babies and shares experiences.

“It was in the couple’s course when my partner and I began to feel as a team, that we could work together on this. Jessica gave a lot of emphasis on the men being active – taking part in the birth and the caring of the baby. It was both our lives that were going to be turned upside-down. We gained confidence and I suppose the baby did the same with us.”


Postnatal group for mothers and babies

Tuesdays 3-5pm, for 6 weeks

  • Early days as a mother and getting to know your baby
  • De-briefing birth, gaining confidence, sharing strategies
  • Baby yoga
  • Forming a group continuing afterwards

These sessions are for mothers and babies. They aim to strengthen bonds in the early days of motherhood and help mothers get to know their babies.

A baby-friendly atmosphere is created where it is possible to build confidence and learn baby yoga together.

Births are de-briefed and strategies are shared for creating structures around sleep, feeding and activity.

There is opportunity for thinking about how you want to be as a mother in your family situation.

These groups form a basis for continuing self-help afterwards in a non-competitive, supportive way.

“The postnatal group was 100% excellent as a forum to open up to the other mums and stabilise our early friendships into wonderful, solid ones. Great in every way – the baby massage and yoga, exchanging tips and fears. I am part of a local NCT yahoo group where I have friendships but it lacks the same level of intimacy or, weirdly, affection for the children.”


Cost & Availability

Contact me for spaces and prices.

Please note no-one is excluded who is unable to pay and concessionary rates are always available.