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Advice to cope with new parenting

Mothers and babies at one of my recent birth and baby classes When grappling with pregnancy or a small baby, many of us reach for ‘how to’ books. They are obviously helpful when it comes to new parenting but I believe caution is needed, as they can generate a sense of ‘a right way’. So […]

Quick fix NCT or hypnobirthing may leave you unprepared for real birth and parenting

I was saddened to read that the editor of Grazia blames her traumatic birth experience on NCT. But after reading more about her story, it’s clear that her negative experience stems from the sort of ‘quick-fix’ approach to pregnancy classes, that rarely work. Her polemic rant focusses on how her NCT classes led her to fear medical […]

How Important is The Role of Dads To Be

In my antenatal and birthing classes, I see all sorts of dads-to-be. From the super-enthusiastic, wanting to learn everything they possibly can to help their partner at birth and avoid being a spare part. To the reluctant ones, who worry they may be more of a hinderance than a help during birth. And then there are those who are not apprehensive about […]