Choosing antental classes in Hackney: What’s the difference between my package and NCT?

Potential clients, pregnant women and their partners often ask me what my yoga birth and baby classes in Hackney offer and how it is different to traditional NCT. If you are pregnant for the first time, you may have been told about various types of antenatal and post natal courses on offer so I appreciate it can be confusing!

I think the best way to explain what I do is to ask my students, who benefit. So I asked one recent group how my yoga birth and baby classes differed from NCT. One class member had recently been to NCT and others knew details from friends.

They said:

Intimate and consistant

My classes are personal, homely and relaxed. NCT classes are held in institutions and you don’t get to know who is teaching beforehand.

Practice over theory

We practice breathing and birth positions each week in my classes. In many NCT classes the emphasis is on knowledge and choices, with birthing positions shown in diagrams rather than  practice.

Partners role

During the couples classes we put a focus on the role of the partner too. This is possible because we go through breathing techniques and active birth procedures in the yoga classes. With NCT there is less time for exploration and practice.

Learn from real people

I regularly invite new parents from previous courses to come to tell their stories and give a real life personal view of birth and baby. People in my classes find this heartening and useful.

Access to breastfeeding expert

I have a connection with a local experienced counsellor who runs a couples’ class for breastfeeding. We work together so she can give support in the early days.

Longer time span

My classes start with yoga and continue beyond birth, so over time and with structured support strong bonds build between everyone.  NCT classes start later and end at the birth.  

I trained with NCT and taught through NCT for many years so I incorporate many of these skills I learned on the job. But I left because I wanted more freedom in how I run my classes. I wanted to offer a more integrated and personal approach. 

NCT is a fantastic organisation, continuing to campaign and improve services for childbirth in the UK. Their classes are professionally monitored, but there is also a need for a more personal, intimate and flexible approach.

A word of warning – my package requires greater commitment of time and energy because of its holistic approach, whichI appreciate is not possible for everyone.I hope I can welcome you to my classes!

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