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Where do people come from to take the classes? How local are they?

Most come from Hackney, but others come from further afield either through recommendation or because they want these linked up yoga, birth and postnatal classes that are not available elsewhere.

What’s the difference between your classes and hypnobirthing, NCT or hospital classes?

Probably the main difference is that they are all joined up, so you have the same teacher (whose philosophy is upfront in this website) and fellow class members (with some ahead of you when you join yoga, then after you). You are joining a small community of local parents-to-be whom you get to know much better than in stand-alone couples classes or hypnobirthing classes.

Also the learning is hands on, with a chance to practice for many weeks, not just a few classes or a weekend, it gets repeated to become second nature without the need for scripts or homework or scary information you can’t take in all at once. Finally, most other classes end at the birth; mine offer ongoing guidance with a structured postnatal group and baby yoga as part of the package.

It’s a big time commitment, and I’m already juggling lots. How will I cope?

They are a big time commitment, but so is having a baby…lots of women can’t imagine how they will get to yoga or stay awake. It’s something to do with slowing down, finding it helpful to focus and emerging energised. Leaving work on time isn’t easy but women often say that bosses/work places are more helpful than expected, especially if you can be clear about your needs and rights.

We’re hard up and can’t afford it. How can you help?

I don’t want anyone to be excluded for reasons of cost. PLEASE say if this is so and I am more than happy to give a reduced rate.

What kind of people take the classes?

The people who take the classes are often wanting something a bit different. They are not locked into a particular way of giving birth, but are wanting to take control and share the experience with other like-minded and create a support network. A lot come from recommendations.

You can read the testimonials from people who’ve taken the class, or the independent online reviews.

What do men get from the classes?

They enable you to get involved in the pregnancy, to get practical help to be really useful and not feel a spare part when it comes to the birth as well as afterwards. Men’s role is crucial, but can be tough if not prepared.  I believe that because the pregnant women get close during yoga, that the men get more space for themselves than is possible in stand-alone ones. I think the classes are fun, that men enjoy meeting each other and hearing each other’s stories (and new dads from previous classes come back to give their unedited views).

I have a high-risk pregnancy. I’ll probably need a caesarean section. Is this for me?

Definitely, the classes are about so much more than just the birth.  The yoga will help you relax and feel good about your body, get close to other pregnant women, then the couples course will enable you and your partner to approach your birth and baby together. You will get ideas for personalising your C-section and for how you want to greet your baby. Then of course there is the postnatal group with other mothers you know well to support you through the first weeks and months with your baby.

I think I want drugs – not a natural birth – is this for me?

I believe the most important thing is to have a birth that’s right for you, it’s not about whether or not you have drugs, but to feel the choices are yours so that you can emerge positively for parenthood. I hope my classes will enable you to find out what you want and not to feel that any particular kind of birth is being imposed on you as better or worse.

Do I need to be stretchy and good at yoga?

No, definitely not, it’s about developing confidence in your body however stretchy you are.

Many of the women haven’t done yoga before and i hope to make it accessible to everyone in a non competitive atmosphere.

You should find it relaxing and helpful for enjoying your pregnancy and managing birth.

Do you have lesbian couples?

Yes quite often as there are many women having babies together in Hackney. I hope I help to make it comfortable for you to feel a part of the group, as well as have your particular needs met. There is a group of lesbian parents from my classes in touch with each other. Unfortunately it’s unusual to have more than one lesbian couple in a class, but I find that the common experiences of approaching birth and same age babies is a really important link and support.

I’m single, can I still come to these classes?

I want my classes to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone and believe that, if you are single, you will get lots from coming to them as well as a strong network. However it is best if you can bring a friend (or sister, or mother) with you to the couples course, maybe whoever is going to support you during your birth and when you have your baby? In this way, they can share in your pregnancy and in your hopes for your birth and motherhood, as well as be the best prepared partner possible.

My partner can’t or won’t come, is that OK?

If your partner wants to be with you at the birth, then they need knowledge and strategies or they might not be much help and it could be frightening. But if it’s impossible timewise or they can’t bear the thought of classes, then ask a friend to accompany you. You might find there are a few sessions your partner can attend and get something from them anyway.

Can I sign up for just one class?

If you are not sure about committing, you are welcome to come along and see
what it is like. But the classes only work if you come continuously and join the whole package.

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